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  • Bakaiti


    Let’s get to know Bakaiti!

    Total Investment: 7,538 $

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  • Body Creator

    Body Creator

    Body creator franchise is a concept based in Croatia and the region.

    Total Investment: 35 000 – 75 000 €

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  • Boxo Burger

    Boxo Burger

    Welcome to Boxo Burger!

    Total Investment: 15,000 $

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  • CityDock


    What exactly is CityDock?

    Personal contribution required: $50,000
    Total Investment: Minimum $50.000

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  • CityPal


    Your local tourist guidance to additional side money or starting off your own business!

    Personal contribution required: $3,500
    Total Investment: 4000

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  • CLIC Network

    CLIC Network

    CLIC has been offering a unique and proven method of teaching languages for over 44 years. Thanks to a network of over 300 professionals, our services are (…)

    Personal contribution required: $115,000
    Total Investment: starting from € 115 000

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  • CluVille


    Cluville is an escape room designed specifically for kids 6 -14 years old.

    Personal contribution required: $0
    Total Investment: From $150.000 - $350.000

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  • Diveinto Chocolate Museum

    Diveinto Chocolate Museum

    The DCM was first established in 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia. Following an original approach, it presents the history of chocolate as a complete experience engaging (…)

    Total Investment: Starting from 300,000 €

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