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We offer the best resources to potential franchisees in regards to acquiring franchises and business opportunities in Serbia. Serbia Franchise Opportunities presents a specialized search engine where you can find franchise opportunities that fit your skills and available capital.

Featured Franchises

  • Bakaiti


    Let’s get to know Bakaiti!

    Total Investment: 7,538 $

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  • Body Creator

    Body Creator

    Body creator franchise is a concept based in Croatia and the region.

    Total Investment: 35 000 – 75 000 €

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  • Boxo Burger

    Boxo Burger

    Welcome to Boxo Burger!

    Total Investment: 15,000 $

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  • CityDock


    What exactly is CityDock?

    Personal contribution required: $50,000
    Total Investment: Minimum $50.000

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  • CityPal


    Your local tourist guidance to additional side money or starting off your own business!

    Personal contribution required: $3,500
    Total Investment: 4000

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  • CluVille


    Cluville is an escape room designed specifically for kids 6 -14 years old.

    Personal contribution required: $0
    Total Investment: From $150.000 - $350.000

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  • Diveinto Chocolate Museum

    Diveinto Chocolate Museum

    The DCM was first established in 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia. Following an original approach, it presents the history of chocolate as a complete experience engaging (…)

    Total Investment: Starting from 300,000 €

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  • Edukido


    Edukido: Educational classes with bricks

    Personal contribution required: $1,300
    Total Investment: Starting from 5 000 € to 28 900 €

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  • Fast Review

    Fast Review


    Personal contribution required: $25,000
    Total Investment: starting from 25.000 €

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  • Fish Delish

    Fish Delish

    Fish in focus - prepared simply, quickly, creatively, and innovatively - is the best description of FISH DELISH.

    Personal contribution required: $7,500
    Total Investment: 30 000 € - 100 000 €

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  • Flash Global

    Flash Global

    Join our network!

    Total Investment: Starting from € 25 000

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  • Friendly Fire

    Friendly Fire

    Meet the next big franchise brand!

    Personal contribution required: $25,000
    Total Investment: €80.000 - €120.000

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Franchises in Serbia are an important player in our economy: 35% of goods and services in Serbia are offered by franchises. According to a document published by the Serbian Franchise Association named 2017 Accomplishments Reports, there are an estimated 1300 franchise brands operating in Serbia, accounting for over 78 000 franchise units across the country. The Serbian franchise industry generates approximately 68 billion dollars every year.

Through time, franchising has become a proven business model that offers several benefits to entrepreneurs in Serbia. In addition to the minimal risk of bankruptcy, the franchisee can always count on the franchisor's lengthy experience in the industry, its continuous support and the strength of its network.