Discover below a list of Master Franchises available in Serbia, which are recommended to those with experience in franchising and that have strong management and recruiting skills.

As a Master Franchisor, you will act as an area developer by recruiting franchisees in a specific area and taking them under your wing. Your responsibility will include supporting and training them while they prepare for the opening of their franchise.

It is important to note that the initial investment for a Master Franchisor is higher than for a single franchise, but you are advantaged by retaining a percentage of the franchising fees from each franchise opened within its territory.

Serbia Franchise is currently looking for:

  • Master Franchisors
  • Master Franchisees
  • Area Developers
  • CluVille


    Cluville is an escape room designed specifically for kids 6 -14 years old.

    Personal contribution required: $0
    Total Investment: From $150.000 - $350.000

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  • Diveinto Chocolate Museum

    Diveinto Chocolate Museum

    The DCM was first established in 2019 in Zagreb, Croatia. Following an original approach, it presents the history of chocolate as a complete experience engaging (…)

    Total Investment: Starting from 300,000 €

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  • MR Razor Barbershop

    MR Razor Barbershop

    The most important fact about Mr. Razor is that we work with love and that EVERYTHING was born explicitly from our love for barbering.

    Personal contribution required: $5,000
    Total Investment: 27.800 € – 58.000 €

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  • Museum of Senses

    Museum of Senses

    Museum of Senses is an edutainment specialty museum, a niche on the market.

    Personal contribution required: $30,000
    Total Investment: starting from 200.000€-300.000€

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